By default, Act! starts with the Welcome Screen open.  The Act! Welcome Screen can be quite helpful and contains a GREAT resource for finding ways to get more from the program!  It’s wonderful to know that it’s there…  The first hundred times you see it…  After that, it starts to get a little old.  Think of the cumulative time you could save by simply starting ACT! and not having to switch to your most used screen.

Maybe you want to see your Contacts screen.  Maybe your List View.  Daily Calendar?  Work Week Calendar?  So many choices!

This, along with setting/checking scheduled backups, I normally do when I visit a client for installation or training: Automating/customizing certain actions just makes life easier.

While versions vary slightly, here is how to change the Default View when you open ACT!:

1)  From within ACT!, pull down the Tools Menu.

2)  Select “Preferences”

3)  Select the Startup Tab

4)  From the Startup View pull down menu, select your preferred Startup view!

5)  Select “Apply” to save your selection

It’s really that simple.

Once this is done, your mornings will be brighter and your coffee will taste better.  Ok, maybe that’s over-promising, but your database will open to the view you have selected and that’s one less step for you!

"How do YOU use Act!? 

And how can you use Act! BETTER?"

Brenda Ralston

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