Act! has a feature allowing you to tab through your Contact screen.  But we often use different fields and custom fields, so we have to point our curser to our preferred fields.

You can set your fields to allow entry in your preferred order…  And Here’s How!

In your Tools Menu, select Design Layouts, Contact.  You will see the layout with your Fields.  On the top of your screen, (left to right) you have File, Edit, and View (etc.) Select View, Tab Stops, and Show Tab Stops.  Little red boxes will appear to the right of some of your Fields, with numbers. Those numbers represent the order in which your Tabs currently stop.

To change the order, select View, Tab Stops, Clear.

Once you Clear your tabs, simply select the Fields in the order you wish!  The little red boxes with numbers will reappear on Fields in the order that you click.

Once you have YOUR preferred order, just close the window and confirm that you wish to save your changes.

Using the same process, you can also change the Tab Stop order in the layouts for Group, Company, and Opportunity by selecting that layout as opposed to the Contact layout.

The process may vary based on your Act! version, your User Role, etc.  If you have questions, trouble, etc… Just let me know.

How do You Use Act!, and How can YOU Use Act! Better?

"How do YOU use Act!? 

And how can you use Act! BETTER?"

Brenda Ralston

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